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CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on LED Lamp and Luminaire Testing to CIE S 025

Mo 2017/05/08 - Th 2017/05/11 | 8th - 11th May 2017 | Bern | Swiss
CIE Tutorial and Practical Workshop on LED Lamp and Luminaire Testing to CIE S 025

The focus of the tutorial is the implementation of the new international measurement standard in industrial test laboratories and national metrology institutes. Invited experts will present lectures from basic concepts to advanced techniques in photometric and colorimetric measurements, aimed at engineers, testing-laboratory staff and researchers in LED and solid state lighting measurement and other related fields. The practical workshop will be held in the optics laboratories of the National Metrology Institute of Switzerland (METAS). State-of-the-art measurement equipment including several goniophotometers, integrating spheres, spectroradiometers and tuneable lasers are available for practical demonstration. The participants will learn how to characterize photometric, radiometric, and spectrometric measurement devices and establish measurement uncertainty budgets according to international standards (ISO/IEC Guide 98/3).

This tutorial and workshop is similar to one presented in Braunschweig in November 2015, but it is more practically oriented and includes testing of LED luminaires.

In addition to the tutorial and practical workshop, meetings of CIE Technical Committees will be held and the results of two European research projects related to photometry and radiometry, i.e. MESaIL (http://www.eng62-mesail.eu) and PhotoLED will be presented.

Link / URL: http://div2.cie.co.at/?i_ca_id=1013
Place of Event: METAS Bern, Swiss