Photometric database

The photometric database program LumCAT from Czibula & Grundmann GbR is used for processing, evaluating and converting of the measured luminous intensity distributions.


  • Conversion of the LID-data from the TechnoTeam format into other formats (EULUM-DAT, TM14, IES, Calculux, ...)
  • System for managing and processing luminaire data (database)
  • Modification of all product information; drawing up of measuring protocols
  • Representation of the luminous intensity distribution in tabular form
  • Function for rotating, tilting and swivelling the luminous intensity distributions
  • Modification of the operating efficiency ratio (scaling)
  • Multiple processing function for equipment information, dimensions, manufacturer and product names
  • Lighting-engineering product evaluation in the form of a print-out or also WMF file
  • Output of the luminous intensity distribution (polar, cartesian, concical diagram)
  • Output of the illumination efficiency ratios
  • Glare evaluation according to Söllner and UGR
  • Isolux diagrams
  • Illumination efficiency ratios according to LiTG Publ. 3.5
Polar diagram
Polar diagram
Isolux diagram
Isolux diagram