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Commitment and cooperations

A number of collaborators of the TechnoTeam company have been working in the field of standardisation for many years already. So, we participate in FNL3 (photometry) of the DIN (NA 058-00-03 AA) in order to actively support the current standardisation in the field of light measurement technology, especially in the field of LED measurements, and to provide standards for the labelling of our products (luminance measuring cameras and near-field goniophotometers). These activities are carried on in the range of the European and just as international standardisation process. We are represented in the CEN TC169 WG7 where the EN13032-T4 standard (Light and lighting – Measurement and presentation of photometric data – Part 4: LED lamps, modules and luminaires) was developed. We play an active part also on an international level, for example within CIE’s various technical committees where we contribute largely to the elaboration of new technical reports and standards. Technoteam is “Silver Supportive Member” of the CIE.

In all our activities, the harmonization of national, European and international documents is an essential goal.

Besides the general standardisation, the TechnoTeam company has also participated actively in greatly application-related standardisation committees, e.g. in the DFF (German Flat Panal Display Forum, http://www.displayforum.de/ ) within the VDMA and the Zhaga consortium (http://www.zhagastandard.org/ ) where TechnoTeam is Associate Member. The Zhaga consortium defines the mechanical, thermal and lighting-engineering interface for numerous application areas in order to set up and also to use exchangeable LED modules. For characterizing those modules, measurement regulations are fixed which guarantee consistent properties of the light source.

An overview of our professional activities:

CIE Internationale Beleuchtungskommission
TechnoTeam is “Silver Supportive Member” of it and, thus, official partner of the CIE.


DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung
Cooperation in the DIN standards committee FNL3 for photometry.


Zhaga Konsortium
TechnoTeam is an Associate Member of Zhaga.


Europäisches Komitee für Normung

CEN/TC 169/WG7 – Photometry

This working group establishes general principles for the measurement of basic photometric data for lighting application purposes. It fixes the measurement criteria needed for the standardisation of basic photometric data and details of the CIE file format for electronic data transfer.


DFF Deutsches Flachdisplayforum
Cooperation with the VDMA working group.