International DIsplay Workshop 2019

We 2019/11/27 - Fr 2019/11/29 | 27.11 2:45 PM - 3:10 PM
International DIsplay Workshop 2019

International Display Workshops (IDW) includes a variety of topics and aspects of display technologies, systems, processes and applications. In particular, this year’s IDW will feature the following 4 special topics and 2 topical sessions, which are extremely timely, as well as 16 general topics. The special topics are these recent hot topics: AR/VR and Hyper Reality, Automotive Displays, Micro/Mini LEDs, and Quantum Dot Technologies. The topical sessions are topic for new technologies: Artificial Intelligence and Smart Society, and 3DSA2019. This year IDW is held in conjunction with 3DSA2019:The 11th International Conference on 3D Systems and Applications.
The IDW Scope includes a variety of topics of display materials and components, display devices, electronic system, quality evaluation, interactive technologies, manufacturing processes and equipment, and applications listed below. We encourage the submission of original papers on all aspects of research, technical development, measurement systems, driving methods, data management and applications of information displays, and related technologies. We particularly encourage submissions on topics of emerging interest in the research and development communities.

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Place of Event: Main Hall, Sapporo Convention Center