LMK LabSoft

Image capturing and analysis software
LMK Color - inside

With the currrent measurement and evaluation software LMK LabSoft TechnoTeam provides the consistently ongoing development of the well proven LMK 2000 software. As a result of an intensive
exchange of experience with our customers we could enhance our evaluation functionalities. Also the usability is optimised and partly completely overdone. Thus the functionalities for the documentation and the reporting of the measurement results are now totally compatible with MS Office®.
Furthermore the new embedded TCL script language allows the recording and linking of often used functionalities. Thus the automation of complete working procedures is possible.

SinglePic-capture - permits a luminance image to be taken very quickly

MultiPic-capture - permits the repeated capture of several single images so as to eliminate statistical measuring errors through averaging

HighDyn-algorithm - permits the capture of a luminance image composed of single images at various integration times so as to realize a higher dynamic range

For the visualization of the measuring results, the user can choose, among other things, from a freely scalable pseudocolouring as well as several logarithmic representations. Pre-made and freely scalable point, line, circular and rectangular cursors permit the measuring data to be accessed in a quick and flexible way. The defining of measuring regions by means of geometrical basic shapes facilitates evaluation. In addition, they provide many auxiliary means for the statistical evaluation of the data (tables, sectional diagrams, histograms, and photometric evaluation algorithms).
Furthermore, the software offers a function for an automatical detection of regions by means of luminances. This is both useful and advantageous for detecting complex geometrical structures.

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The report function for an export of measurement data and evaluation results to MS Word® and MS Excel® is a simple and comfortable possibility for the communication and the sharing of measurement data with others. Furthermore, they offer the advantage of a standard or individual printing template to create a printing report.

The LMK LabSoft software provides a big variety of data formats for the export and import of image and measuring data, for example for MatLAB®, LabVIEW® and SPEOS®. The data exchange with Microsoft Office® products and other software programs is enabled by the functions of the Windows® clipboard.