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Gonio-spectrometric measurements

Particularly in the context of the increasing application of LED/SSL products, spectral measurements are becoming more and more important. Standards concerning the measurement of LED/SSL (LM79, EN13032-4), include the measurement of colorimetric characteristics (color coordinates, CRI, ...).

All RiGO801 goniophotometer models can be expanded by a spectroradiometermeter to enable goniospektroradiometer measuring capability. This also allows the angular dependant characterisation of colorimetric values.

The RiGO801 measuring program is extended by a spektroradiometermeter module that offers the following features:

  • automatic measurement of spectra on an easily configurable position list
  • calculation of colorimetric values according to LM79 and EN13032-4
  • visualization of the spectra
  • visualization in the CIE 1931 color space chromaticity diagram
  • output of all measured and calculated values as *.CSV file (e.g. for evaluation in Excel)
  • export in further file formats

The irradiance measuring head of the spectrometer is mounted next to the camera under a known offset angle and coupled to the spectrometer by means of a optical fibre.

The spectrometer measurement is done separately to the measuring of the ray data and the luminous intensity distribution by using the RiGO801 spectrometer software module. The spectrometer is positioned corresponding to a position list and at each position a measurement is performed.


For each measurement derived quantities are calculated (chromacity coordinates, color temperature, CRI, dominant wavelength, ...) and for the total measurement, the average color coordinates corresponding to LM79 and EN13032-4 are calculated. Being Visualized are the spectra as well as the chromacity coordinates in the chromaticity diagram.

For getting furthe details, please refer also to the RiGO801 software manual and the device specifications.


Chromacity coordinates in the chromaticity diagram (detail)
Chromacity coordinates in the chromaticity diagram (detail)