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Luminaire and lamp measurement

For measuring large luminaires, the series of our type-C luminaire goniophotometers have been designed. Due to a maximum size of the measurement object (diameter) of 2000 mm, the RiGO801 – 2000 goniophotometers allow all common types of luminaires, lamps and LEDs to be measured.

  • Measurement of luminous intensity distributions and luminous fluxes of small lamps/LEDs up to large luminaires in one goniophotometer
  • User-friendly alignment by means of the measuring camera
  • Short measuring times and high angular resolutions (typical measuring times and angular resolutions 15 min … 1h, 2.5° … 0.5°)
  • Automatic burn-in procedure
  • Measurement of spectral parameters (option spectrometer)
  • Evaluation, export, report generation and archiving using a photometric database

For the alignment of the measurement objects, the camera image with plotted coordinate system is used. A precise centering of the lamps or bulbs is not required for near-field goniophotometers, however, a straight alignment along the principal axes should be done. The adjustment views can be stored for later analysis.

Before starting the measurement, the DUT must be in a stable condition. For this purpose, the automatic burn-in procedure can be used, which starts measuring when the selected criterion of stability (for example, corresponding to LM79) has been reached. All during the burn-in collected data (illuminance, stability characteristics, electrical characteristics, temperature, ...) are stored in the data file and displayed in the results and exported either.