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Measurements according to the Zhaga standard

The Zhaga consortium develops specifications for the mechanical, photometric, thermal and electrical compatibility of interchangeable LED modules and ballasts. The photometric specifications also require the evaluation of image-resolved luminances. Thus, it can be said that the RiGO801 near-field goniophotometers are ideally suited for this purpose.

  • Measurement of the luminous intensity distribution and of the luminous flux of Zhaga modules
  • Evaluation of the luminous intensity distribution
  • Evaluation of the luminance distribution by means of a special LMK LabSoft macro and report generation

The Zhaga - module is mounted to measure on a suitable thermostatically controlled test fixture, which realizes the specified measuring temperatures. The test fixture shown is equipped with the universal connector interface of the goniophotometer RiGO801 - LED, RiGO801 - 300 and RiGO801 - 600, which establishes a USB connection in addition to the power and sense lines. Via USB, the parameters of the test fixture can be set and the current operating parameters be queried.

Based on the measured luminous intensity distribution, the zonal luminous fluxes are evaluated.

With the program LMK LabSoft a luminance image is measured and uniformity values are calculated by using the Zhaga add-on module.