Goniophotometer RiGO801 - LED

Type C goniophotometer for LEDs/OLEDs and Modules of a diameter up to 200 mm
Goniophotometer RiGO801 - LED

The smallest goniophotomter of our product range is a compact desktop unit designed especially for measuring the ray data of small light sources, in particular of LEDs, LED modules and OLEDs of a diameter up to 200 mm. The object to be measured is mounted on a vertical rotary axis (phi). The camera and the other sensors, which are mounted on an arm, move around the measurement object on a circular arc (theta axis).

The light source is positioned by an x/y/z translation stage which displaces the upper rotary axis. The rotary axis is provided with a universal plug-in connector to which various measurement fixtures can be linked.

Due to the extremely high position accuracy of the measured ray data, this goniophotometer is well suited for the ray data measurement of LEDs. Besides the ray data, also the luminous intensity distribution, the luminous flux and spectral/colorimetric data (option gonio-spectroradiometer) are measured as it is the case with all types of RiGO801 goniophotometers.

Basic technical parameters

Size of the device under test:

≤ 200 mm (diameter)

Required space:

LxWxH = ca. 700 x 700 x 1000 mm³


The sensors are moved around the measurement object on a circular path (horizontal axis, theta). The object to be measured being in an upright position is rotated on a vertical rotary axis (phi).

Measuring position:

upright and vertically rotating

Position accuracy of the ray data:

< 0.01 mm

For detailed information about any components, please refer to the device specification.

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