Converter 801

Generating ray files

The program Converter801 is used to process the TechnoTeam ray data files (.TTR). The conversion into various file formats with ray tracing on different target geometries is possible. Embedded additional information as the luminous intensity distribution, luminance images, DUT alignment, the burn-in protocol and acquired measuring values of external measuring devices (e.g. Power Analyzer) can be visualized and exported. An additional integration of spectral information is possible (spectrum ➔ wavelength per ray).

This software is free of license fees and can be used without any restrictions. Download


  • Visualization of all data (ray data, luminous intensity distribution, luminance images, alignment of the object to be measured, burn-in protocol as well as the logged measurement data of external devices such as power analyzer) contained in TechnoTeam ray files (.TTR).
  • Generation of various ray file formats (TM25, ASAP, Optis, LightTools, LucidShape, Zemax, TracePro, SimuLux, Photopia)
  • Raytracing to basic geometries (sphere, cylinder, cuboid)
  • Rotation and displacement of the ray data
  • Integration of spectral information possible (spectrum ➔ wavelength per ray)
  • Recalculation of the luminous intensity distribution in other angular resolutions
  • Output of the luminous intensity distribution in various formats (EULUMDAT, IES)
  • Provision of customized formats possible
  • Batch processing of conversion processes
  • Creation of unsiversal TTR exchange files (Specification of conversion parameters, delete and edit internal information, integrating data sheets, reports or other data)
  • API for accessing the TechnoTeam ray data format