LID – Match

Software for the comparison of luminous intensity distributions

The software LID-Match has been designed for the numerical just as the visual comparison of luminous intensity distributions. Processing features are 'preprocessing', 'calculation of distance measures', '3D visualization' and 'logging'.

The results of comparison allow an objective evaluation which is independent of the respective user, the measuring systems generating the LIDs, the parameters and also the characteristics of the LIDs.

For quantifying the differences between the LIDs, a number of different calculation rules are available. Global distance measures are calculated on the basis of all luminous intensity values of a distribution whereas local distance measures only consider the luminous intensity values of a limited angular range.

Before the actual LID comparison is carried out, any undesired or disturbing properties of LIDs resulting from measuring practices, such as alignment uncertainties, deviations of the total luminous fluxes or data noises can be corrected by means of suitable preprocessing operations.

In addition to the calculated distance measures the LIDs and calculation results can be visualized three-dimensional from any viewer perspective in different ways.

  • numerical and visual comparison of Luminous intensity distributions
  • quantifying the differences between LIDs by local and global distance measures (difference-LID, luminous intensity RMSE, -NRSME, -CV (RSME), maximum deviation, zonal distance measures, ...)
  • optional preprocessing operations (smoothing, rotation)
  • semi-automatic coordinate alignment of the Reference- and the actual LID
  • optional adaption of the luminous fluxes or the luminous intensities
  • 3D-Visualization of the LIDs and the LID-differences
  • several variants of the color coding of the light intensity differences (surface mapping of differences)
  • logging of the results

The software is licensed. To test the software, we will gladly provide you with a time-limited, computer-linked license on request.