LMK special imaging

Hemispheric lens

The hemispheric - lens (FishEye) allows the capture of another object field at a field angle of ± 92°. This lens can be used for capturing complex illumination situations, for example in the case of the evaluation of interiors.

Conoscopic lens

For determining the angular radiation characteristics of very small object - fields, for example determining the angular contrasts of display, a Conoscopic - lens (Hypercentric - lens) is offered, and can be used to record luminances within an angular range of ± 60°.

konoskopisches Objektiv konoskopisches Objektiv LMK 5 + konoskopisches Objektiv LMK 5 Color + konoskopisches Objektiv
The LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement is a software addon designed for using the LMK with a hypercentric lens (Conoscope).

The analysis of angular-dependent contrasts of displays is an important and time consuming process in the production chain. For a fast and fully automated process a measuring-robotic system is on offer.

Measuring-robotic supported imaging Photometry and Colorimetry.
Comparing the robotic-controlled LMK with a manually mounted luminance measuring device considerably better reproducibility is realized. Since the industrial robots produced by Battenberg ROBOTIC offers 20 µm repeatability of the positioning.
Macroscopic lens

For small object fields or tasks that does need a high magnifying a various set of Macroscopic lenses is available.
Using a modular lens construction system,TechnoTeam is able to realise many different small object fields at various distances.