LMK mobile control

iOS App for WiFi control

Use the LMK mobile control app for a save and comfortable control of your LMK mobile air EOS 70D.


The functional diversity of a DSLR camera often overstrains the user. Using the app all valid exposure settings are predefined and can be adjusted very quick. Thus the capture of luminance images is much more comfortable.

  • the app displays the live-image video feed of the camera to visualise the settings
  • in the live-image video feed red marked pixels indicate overloaded areas
  • alternatively the preview function can also be combined with the well known TechnoTeam false-colour scale
  • the use of the calibration data of neutral-density glass-filter is now easier
  • the capturing of High-Dyn luminance images (HDR photography) is easy to handle
  • the user can create and add own comments to the measured luminance images
  • once applied expsoure settings can be stored and managed as presets
Thus incorrect and faulty measuring results are almost impossible!

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The required connection to the camera is wireless using a WiFi network between the camera and the iOS device.

If you are already using an iOS-device (iPad is recommended) you can directly download the app from the AppStore and start working immediatly.

Alternativelly it is possible to order the iPad optionally with the LMK mobile air product bundle. In this case the app is already installed and instantly usable.

This iOS app is only executable with the Canon EOS 70D camera! Other camera types are currently not supported!