LMK Autofocus

Starting with the current generation of the LMK 6-12, additional electronically controllable lenses are supported in addition to the established lenses for classic or special imaging variants.

Therefore, the LMK6-12 is equipped with a new type of lens base. This allows simplified lens mounting with a bayonet mount. The additional placement of electronic contacts allows more flexibility in adjusting various optical parameters such as focus. In addition, the ID of the objective is automatically read out and compared with the LabSoft calibration data. This ensures that any incorrect settings are automatically detected in the software and displayed with a warning message.

TechnoTeam offers a series of lenses with EF/S bayonet and electronically controllable focus that can be used with the new autofocus function of the LMK LabSoft.

Lenses Lenses

Available autofocus lenses

TT 14 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: >310 mm
Focal length:14 mm
Object field size: 53.7° x 40.8°
Smallest object field size: 422 x 268 mm²
TT 24 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: > 160 mm
Focal length: 24 mm
Object field size: 31.4° x 23.2°
Smallest object field size: 98 x 69 mm²
TT 40 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: > 300 mm
Focal length: 40 mm
Object field size: 19.8° x 14.6°
Smallest object field size: 108 x 78 mm²
TT 50 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: > 330 mm
Focal length: 50 mm
Object field size: 13.7° x 10°
Smallest object field size: 80 x 58 m²
TT 85 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: >840 mm
Focal length: 85 mm
Object field size: 8.3° x 5.7°
Smallest object field size: 131 x 90 mm²
TT 135 mm
Distance object-camera front panel: > 1650 mm
Focal length: 135 mm
Object field size: 6° x 4.5°
Smallest object field size: 154 x 116 mm²




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