LMK special imaging

Conoscopic lens

For measuring and analysis of an angular depending luminance distribution of very small objects, for example determining the angular spread of display contrasts, a conoscopic lens (hypercentric lens) is offered. Thus luminances for many viewing angles ± 60° (circular) can be recorded in one image.

conoscopic lens conoscopic lens LMK 5 + conoscopic lens LMK 5 Color + conoscopic lens

For the evaluation of luminance images captured with the conoscopic lens a LMK LabSoft AddOn is available.
With this the allocation of luminances and derived measuring values to angular coordinates of the lens or transformed spherical coordinates is easily possible.

Macroscopic lens

For small object fields or tasks that does need a high magnifying a set of Macroscopic lenses offering various small measuring fields at certain measuring distances are available.
Using a modular lens construction system,TechnoTeam is able to build customized Macroscopic lenses according to customers needs.