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Conoscopic Contrast Measurement (CCM)

For testing of angular depending contrast ratios of screens and displays TechnoTeam offer for the video photometers of the LMK series the conoscopic lens.
The hyper-centric lens type offers an angular field of view of ± 60° for very small fields of ca. 1mm².
This lens properties combined with LMK LabSoft software tools for calculating the on-off or black-white contrast, shows the results of the tested devices in an angular contrast ration image pattern.

The LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement is a software addon designed for using the LMK with a hypercentric lens (Conoscope).
Thus it is possible to image a small spot in one luminance map under several viewing angles for a range of up to 120° (circular). One example for this application is the analysis of angular dependent display contrasts.

The analysis of angular-dependent contrasts of displays is an important and time consuming process in the production chain. For a fast and fully automated process a measuring-robotic system is on offer.