Night vision - dashboard design

Originally employed for the application of the so called automotive night-vision dashboard design, the LMK LabSoft simple package offers the especially designed statistical operator with the purpose for backlit symbol detection.

Thus, for characterizing background-lit symbols, not only the mean luminance also the minimum and the maximum as well as the position within the symbol are of interest. For recording these measuring values, the symbol object is used. The luminous region of the symbol is determined by means of an adapted threshold algorithm. The minimum and the maximum of all local means are displayed, together with their position, as additional measuring values. The spot size just as the minimum distance to the edge of the symbol can be set.

In combination with the LMK camera series an optimized lens for the night-visio design is used. It has a large aperture for decreasing measuring times caused by the low luminance levels. The minimum measuring distance of the focusable lens is about 280 mm. The resulting viewing fields are about 30 x 22 mm, permitting the reliable evaluation of structure widths up to 0.2 mm.
Furthermore an exact data-set of the spectral sensitivity function of each unique LMK and lens combination including measured values for spectral colour correction factors are also contained.