LMK mobile air

digital reflex camera for luminance photography

The application of high-quality digital cameras in the LMK-system allows an easy and fast capture of luminance images. For evaluating the images, the complete functionality of the LMK LabSoft software can also be utilized.

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Technical data

CMOS Canon APS-C imaging sensor
5566(H) x 3706(V)
2748(H) x 1834(V)
effective pixel (resolution of the luminance image)
14 Bit RAW data with Bayer structure, uncompressed
Dynamic range:
Single picture measurement (SinglePic)
[ 1:4000 ]
High Dynamic measurement (AEB)
[ 1:30000 (1/1000 sec. < ti < 8 sec.) ]
Data interface:
USB 3.0/Wi-Fi and/or SD/SDHC memory card
Focal Length / Visual field angle:
  • Focal length 17mm: 65°(H) x 45°(V)
  • Focal length 50mm: 28°(H) x 19°(V)
Selection of measuring range
Selecting aperture, exposure time and ISO speed

Metrological specification

Spectral matching
Numerical transformation of R,G,B - sensor data
Calibration uncertainty
∆L [ 2.5% ]
∆L [ < 2% ]


  • Can not be used for measuring coloured light sources (i.e. LED)
  • Limited use for measuring modulated light source with a high depth of modulation

Result data

  • Luminance distributions in measuring images L(x,y)
  • Statistical data for being used in calculation programs (z.B. EXCEL®, MatLAB®, LabVIEW®)