LMK position

Vision based robotic

At the present time industrial robots produce a repeatability of 20-30 μm for positioning.
Comparing the robotic-controlled LMK with a manually positioned luminance measuring device the former has considerably better reproducibility.
The LMK position offers a solution for exact and automated positioning in manifold photometric and colorimetric applications.

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An outstanding feature is the possibility of referencing the measurement positions with the use of the mounted LMK camera system. The software for the LMK position can handle and transform both, the coordinate systems of the used optics for the LMK and the applied coordinate system for the device under test (DUT). Thus
the software controls the robotic-arm to drive the mounted LMK correctly to the desired position.
As a result the normal vector of the surface is determined and can be used for the orientation of the robotic hand. It offers the possibility of an easier adjustment for a perpendicular view on local reference surfaces. The perpendicular positioning or the angular-dependent orientation of the LMK is often a requirement for a correct
measurement and with a manual positioning very complicated.

For determining the angular radiation characteristics of very small object fields, for example determining the angular contrasts of the display, a conoscopic lens (Hypercentric lens) is offered, and can be used to record luminances within an angular range of ± 60°.

LMK position - vision based robotic LMK position + curved display alignment LMK position + NED eye box measurement
The LMK system offers a wide range of optical and special imaging system adapted to the customers application. Therefore we do not only use our knowledge based on photometry but also on our work in the field of industrial image processing.

An additional package has been developed for the LMK LabSoft for evaluating the measurement images of a conoscopic lens. This makes it very easy to evaluate measurement data in the polar angle coordinate system of the lens and the coordinates derived from it.

The LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement is a software addon designed for using the LMK with a hypercentric lens (Conoscope).