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measuring robotics

The two highly regarded companies Battenberg ROBOTIC, the German measuring-robotics pioneer and TechnoTeam, a German high-level imaging photometry specialist, are presenting an innovative method for realizing measuring-robotics aided imaging luminance and color measurement.

Battenberg ROBOTIC develops devices and complete customized solutions for combining the possibilities of robotic technologies with all kind of measuring devices and tasks. The 'TechnoTeam Bildverarbeitung GmbH' offers well-known and market-proven solutions for measuring luminance and color values of light sources or illuminated scenarios. Connecting that knowledge and both technologies offers new opportunities and advantages.

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Comparing the robotic-controlled LMK with a manually mounted luminance measuring device considerably better reproducibility is realized. Since the industrial robots produced by Battenberg ROBOTIC offer a repeatability of 20 µm for positioning. A further advantage comes with an innovative method of hand-controlled teaching of LMK's position. An additionally mounted multi-dimensional force/torque sensor allows an arbitrary positioning of the robotic hand and thus the LMK. The so called haptic teaching allows an intuitive and very precise adjustment of measurements position.

An additional feature is the possibility of referencing the measurements position with the use of a laser-beam tool. Therefore an additionally mounted laser-distance sensor is used for defining the measuring position of TechnoTeam’s LMK. The software RobFlow made by Battenberg ROBOTIC can handle and transform both, the coordinate systems of the LMK and the laser-distance sensor.

This offers the possibility of an easier adjustment for a perpendicular view on local reference surfaces. When guiding the laser-beam spot above the surface, clustered distance-data is provided. Hence the normal vector of the surface is determined and can be used for the orientation of the robotic hand. The perpendicular positioning or the angular-dependent orientation of the LMK is often a requirement for a correct measurement and with a manual positioning very complicated.

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The analysis of angular-dependent contrasts of displays is an important and time consuming process in the production chain. For a fast and fully automated process a measuring-robotic system is on offer.

For determining the angular radiation characteristics of very small object - fields, for example determining the angular contrasts of display, a Conoscopic - lens (Hypercentric - lens) is offered, and can be used to record luminances within an angular range of ± 60°.