LMK LabSoft color

Luminance and chromaticity analysis software

With the LMK LabSoft color the complete functionality of the standard luminance measuring software LMK LabSoft becomes available for the additionally assessment of chromaticity values of three channel colour images.
The measured X,Y,Z colour values can be converted into different colour spaces (e.g. RGB, XYZ, sRGB, EBU-RGB, Lxy, Luv, L*a*b*, HIS, HSV).
In case of measuring LED’s or lamps a colour space showing the dominant wavelength, the colour saturation and the correlated colour temperature is available. It is possible to calculate colour distances and colour differences in several colour spaces.
Among to the standard graphical forms of showing measured values in graphs and diagrams (in three channels) the chromaticity coordinates can be represented in a colour space diagram (e.g. horse shoe view), which shows the colour gradient and statistical accumulation points.

With the new colour symbol object - chromaticity coordinates can be matched to their luminance levels. So it is easier to detect regions for a colorimetrical evaluation (e.g. backlit symbols) with respect to a luminance threshold.

The user can exert an influence on the calibration data and change the algebra of matrices. So it is possible to adjust the LMK system for an own colour space or for balancing the LMK system with own reference quantities. In this way the spectral matching can be adapted to specific measurement tasks (e.g. LED measurements).

Throughout the measurement in several channels X, Y, Z and V´(lambda) and optional C(lambda) or BLH (Blue Light Hazard) and the subsequent image processing different radiation measurements for different perception models can be made (e.g. mesopic brightness perception).