LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement

The LMK Conoscopic Contrast Measurement is a software addon designed for using the LMK with a hypercentric lens (Conoscope).
Thus it is possible to image a small spot in one luminance map under several viewing angles for a range of up to 120° (circular). One example for this application is the analysis of angular-dependent display contrasts.

LMK 5 color + hypercentric lens HV coordinate transformation HV coordinate transformation in LabSoft

The addon allows the point-wise analysis of local contrasts within the polar coordinate system of the imaging system. Thus small measuring spots will be placed in the circular image field. The positioning is done by polar coordinates: Theta (viewing angle in degree) and Phi (rotation angle in degree) of the measured spot.

Furthermore the addon offers the transformation in a cartesian angular coordinate system. The transformed angular coordinates are the horizontal and the vertical viewing angle ThetaH (degree) and ThetaV (degree). Both angles can be seen as pan and tilt angle. Thus it is possible to place rectangular measuring areas for the contrast analysis.

The analysis of angular-dependent contrasts of displays is an important and time consuming process in the production chain. For a fast and fully automated process a measuring-robotic system is on offer.

For determining the angular radiation characteristics of very small object - fields, for example determining the angular contrasts of display, a Conoscopic - lens (Hypercentric - lens) is offered, and can be used to record luminances within an angular range of ± 60°.