LMK Display Sparkle

Anti-glare layers ensure an optimal user experience under variable lighting conditions for displays. However, they can also produce perceivable display sparkle, which reduces the visibilty.
As there is currently no guideline, which ensures a reproducible quantification of this display sparkle for a large variety of measurement setups, TechnoTeam, Volkswagen and Elektrobit Automotive started a joint project.
The Display Sparkle Add-on is part of the display software package. It measures the sparkle on displays without reproducibility issues, in a BlackMURA compliant set-up, without having to remove the anti-glare-layer.

Messaufbau LMK Kamera LMK Kamera Sparkle graphic

For measuring display sparkle, an LMK camera is needed. Currently, both the LMK 5 and LMK 6 model are supported. A translation stage (at least one dimension orientated in optical direction of the LMK) is also needed. For this set-up, TechnoTeam can provide a motorized linear stage.
The display sparkle add-on can also be used with our LMK Position robotic arm, which allows making high speed and high precision alignments.

Bewegung der Kamera entlang der Achse

The technical specification is currently in development. It will include the specification for the reproduction scale, as well as details of the used FFT, and of the parameter for the frequency filter. We use the BlackMURA specification as layout, as we strive to make the display sparkle measurement set-up close to the existent BlackMURA set-up.

If you want to learn more about the subject, you can view the recording of our webinar.

Webinar: Reproducible display sparkle measurements