LMK Pixel Crosstalk

The quality of display glasses can be measured with the LMK AddOn "Pixel crosstalk" ("pixel override"). It is used to characterize the loss of image clarity caused by anti-glare coatings. Using LMK, the scattered light generated in the display can be evaluated in combination with a macro lens. The basis for the measurement and evaluation is the article "Pixel Crosstalk: A New Metric to Characterize DOI Loss Due to AG Treatments of Display Glasses” von Thomas Fink und Udo Krüger.

In the measuring procedure first of all an image is recorded, in which all pixels are switched to dark. This image can later be used to correct the effects of extraneous light and the residual light remaining when the pixels are darkened.

Subsequently, individual pixels are switched on in red, green, blue and white and an image is recorded respectively. In these images, after the correction with the dark image, the position of the luminous pixels is searched for and measurement regions are determined.

With the recorded luminance images, the Labsoft automatically calculates the horizontal and vertical PCT values for red, green, blue and white pixels