Lux et Color Vesprimiensis

Do 10.10.2019 - Fr 11.10.2019
Lux et Color Vesprimiensis

The yearly events of the Lux et Color Vesprimiensis series became from a regular review of the work of research groups the most interesting works of light and colour science. At the event the researchers and students of the research field the opportunity is given to present their latest achievements and also the representatives of industry who are active in the field of light and colour are always welcome to present their latest results.

In 2018 the Lux et Color Vesprimiensis conference was organized by MTA VEAB in cooperation with new partners, like the Lighting Society of Hungary and the Foundation for Hungarian Lighting Technology, in honour of Prof. Schanda in Veszprém, October 2018.

The magic of light and colour continues in Veszprém, therefore we cordially invite everyone to Veszprém at the 10th and 11th of October, 2019 who apply or research colours, coloured products, coloured lights, light sources or other corresponding fields, like:

- Human Centric Lighting
- Smart Lighting
- Architecture
- Outdoor and Indoor Lighting
- Digital Imaging
- Colorimetry and Photometry
- Human Vision
- Education

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Veranstaltungsort: Völgyikút Ház
Kopácsi Str. 2
8200 Veszprém