License plate illumination is subject to different laws and regulations over the world. Those regulations are specified in various standards, for example, the ECE, the SAE, and the CCC. To make sure that the license plate lamps meet the different standards, you have to measure the license plate's luminance value and color coordinates. This can be an extremely time-consuming and challenging job. Furthermore, human error in positioning the lamps can further decline the quality of the assessment.

For this reason, TechnoTeam developed a complete solution to ensure precise measurement and analysis of license plate lamps, the LPL Checker.
The LPL Checker consists of three main components. The LMK6 color, TechnoTeam’s luminance, and color measuring camera. This camera captures all measuring points in one image. The DENSO robot, TechnoTeam’s choice for automated tasks of all kinds. The robot arm moves the lamp to all desired positions around the license plate and ensures high repeatability. The last product in the LPL Checker solution is the LMK Light Checker LPL software. Developed by TechnoTeam, this software gives you control over the robot arm and captures the images for your measurement. The LPL Checker software also provides an in-depth analysis of your license plate luminance measurements and checks whether the lamp position meets the chosen standard.

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