An airport is a complex system with many different lighting and signaling devices that must be evaluated and measured. Consequently, there are a wide variety of requirements for the required light measuring devices. 

Evaluation of inset lights/in-pavement lights

Inset lights on the runway, taxiways, and apron help pilots find their way around an airfield at night and under limited visibility conditions. The luminous intensity distributions, light colors, and beam directions differ depending on their position on the airfield and task. Based on the luminous intensity distribution, these photometric characteristics are tested according to the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization, or ICAO for short. This can be realized with indirect LID measurement technology. Usually, the signaling lights are measured in the aircraft workshop. However, measuring the luminous intensity distribution directly on the airfield is also possible. 

Evaluation of aircraft parking area illumination

A critical issue for the operational safety of airports is the sufficient illumination of aircraft parking areas. Due to weather conditions in winter and construction works on the ground surface, the airfield lighting system must be constantly adapted. These works are connected with the continuous testing and acceptance of the achieved lighting quality. 


Evaluation of airport signs

For illuminated airfield guidance signs, luminance is used to evaluate their brightness and uniformity. One criterion for uniformity is the contrast between minimum and maximum luminance. This measurement can be done in the workshops, during maintenance work, recommissioning and on site at the airfield. Imaging luminance measurement technology is ideally suited for these tasks, as all the necessary information is contained in a single measurement image.


Our solution

TechnoTeam has several LMK products that meet these requirements. These are the LMK 6 models and the products for indirect LID measurement. The KMP, combined with our LightChecker software, offers an efficient and fast solution to measure underfloor lights, whether at the airfield, during maintenance work in the workshop, or during production.